A Guide on Zero Gravity Massage Chairs and its Benefits

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People who are searching for a massage chair might have often come across the term “zero-gravity.” A lot of people are probably unaware of this feature, but there are quite a few massage chairs that provide “zero-gravity.” A zero gravity feature in a massage chair is one of the most sought-after features that people look for, ever since its market launch in 2018.

Many massage chair producers design models that are equipped with the feature of zero-gravity position. Still, it is essential to realize that not all zero-gravity position chairs can be classified as massage chairs. Check out this post to know what a zero gravity massage chair is and some of the best-selling zero gravity massage chairs on the market.

What is “Zero Gravity”?

The zero gravity position makes your body feel practically weightless. Typically, our bodies feel tensed and compressed because of gravitational forces. A zero-gravity position minimizes all the strain, tension, and stress from your body. It allows you to experience a light and weightless sensation. You will gradually feel the tension dissipate from your muscles and enter a state of complete relaxation.

Experiencing this sense of weightlessness is beneficial for our bodies. It is a brilliant way of eliminating muscle tension and stress that is quite common in the modern world. Zero gravity position is a popular notion that was put forward by NASA. It boasts an ability to recline in a position, much like astronauts do when they lift off during space missions.

How a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Works

Zero gravity massage chairs have a unique way of working. When the massage chair is in a reclining position, you should gradually lift your lower legs up to a point above your heart. The chair’s positioning will equally allocate your body weight such that the pressure you feel in your joints, muscles, lower back, and spine is alleviated.

When massage chairs recline fully, your thighs lift up close to the center and maintain a zero gravity position. This guarantees that minimum stress will be exerted on your body. Moreover, the posture of placing your limbs above your heart is exceptionally beneficial in enhancing blood circulation.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

As mentioned above, though some massage chairs contain the zero-gravity feature, many standard chairs are equipped with this feature. Hence, not all zero gravity chairs are classified as massage chairs. Zero gravity massage chairs allow you to recline in an almost weightless position and provide therapy for the body and mind. 

When a massage chair is combined with the incredible zero gravity feature, the benefits are also doubled. Here are the top four benefits of zero gravity massage chairs that you can find in almost all brands that offer this feature.

It Provides A Strong And Effective Massage Experience

A zero gravity position is the optimal position that offers an extreme level of comfort. This position can soothe and relax your muscles and relieve you from exhaustion and pain. A zero gravity massage chair massages your body, so any discomfort or pain is reduced in a matter of seconds.

It decompresses the spine, allowing you to feel relaxed. A few massage chairs include customizable modes and techniques of massage and heat therapy. These chairs, combined with zero gravity reclining position, ultimately enhance your experience even more.

It Alleviates Back Pain, Swelling, And Varicose Veins

VascularWeb, a dedicated online website for vascular surgery matters, explains the importance of keeping legs beyond the heart level while we are in our rest mode. This particular position is hugely beneficial in protecting you from issues like the arrival of varicose veins on the limbs. It improves the flow of blood circulation, which automatically alleviates swelling.

It Increases Lung Function

When your body reclines, your lungs can expand fully due to the reduced pressure on the diaphragm. Heavy breathing results in the lungs to function better. It also enables the lungs to purify the blood over time.

It Results In Increased Blood Circulation

The heart will automatically start working more efficiently when it begins to work with gravity. Our body will not pump blood horizontally, in comparison to vertically. This increased blood circulation enables the oxygen to reach the required places better and faster.

You Can Enjoy A Good Pampering Session

Zero gravity massage chairs are relatively more intense, sturdy, and provide an indulging experience, which is quite unlikely when you sit in an upright position. The sensation of coming out feeling revitalized, refreshed, and rejuvenated after this pampering session is unbeatable.  Moreover, there is no denying that you will have an experience of a lifetime by using a zero gravity massage chair.

It Controls Breathing Levels For People Suffering From Asthma And Insomnia

Taking deep breaths is an excellent way of improving the circulation of blood. People who experience disturbed sleeping patterns due to overthinking or stress, or suffer from insomnia can significantly benefit from a zero gravity massage chair.

A zero gravity massage chair relaxes the body and enables you to sleep peacefully through the night. Asthma patients can also benefit from as zero gravity massage chairs open the airway passage and ensure that oxygen is appropriately delivered.

“Users” of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero gravity massage chairs are beneficial for all those who seek relaxation and relief from work exhaustion and stressful lives. It is particularly advantageous for people who suffer from back problems such as back pain. Our body weight is the number one reason for giving rise to backaches, so these massage chairs are indeed an asset.

Suffering from constant stress, painful joints, and sore muscles are devastating. The best way to alleviate these daily issues is to find relief from purchasing a zero gravity massage chair and face a life-changing experience.

Some Recommended Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity massage chairs are quite popular amongst people, but cannot be found in just any massage chair. The brands that incorporate this feature are typically priced more than $4000 and are quite heavy-duty and bulky. Here are some recommended brands that provide excellent quality zero gravity massage chairs that we carry.

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