Can You Sleep in a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs have become a go-to relaxation method after a long day at work or school. There are so many benefits to getting a massage chair at home or even in the office. A massage session Improves lymph flow and blood circulation, relieves tension, reduces pain, and helps you fall asleep.

The question is whether or not it is okay to sleep on a massage chair. This can be a nap for a few minutes or a whole night of sleep. So can you sleep in a massage chair? And for how long?

Can You Sleep in a Massage Chair?

You can sleep just fine in a massage chair, this can be a nap or a whole night of sleep. Sleeping during a massage session is completely normal. However, it also depends greatly on the quality of the chair, as some are more sophisticated than others.

Massage chairs come in many shapes and sizes, and sleeping in an expensive, high-quality massage chair will feel more comfortable than a basic one. Besides that, your sleep method can determine whether or not you will be able to sleep comfortably on a massage chair.

Sleeping in a massage chair is not recommended for everyone. In some cases, it may cause muscle issues or injuries. Furthermore, using a massage chair for a long period can be extremely bad for the body, especially for those with chronic bone or muscle illnesses.

Does a Massage Chair Improve Your Sleep?

You can use the help of a massage chair to improve your sleep greatly. It is widely known that massage helps relax the muscles and makes the body release more serotonin and dopamine, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

The relation between massage and improving sleep quality and preventing insomnia is noted by the University of Valencia in a study made recently. The study concluded that relaxation before sleeping has a major influence on the quality of your sleep.

Having a chair massage session before bed stimulates the focal points in your body to alleviate fatigue and enable complete relaxation. This makes you ready for a good evening's rest and a peaceful night’s sleep, it also makes you feel better the next day.

How to Use a Massage Chair to Improve Sleep?

To use the massage chair to its full potential and get the best improvement to your sleep, you can either have short naps (less than 30 minutes) while on it. Or schedule your massage sessions to be immediately before your bedtime.

When taking your naps on a massage chair, there are some things to consider. First, make sure to keep the naps as short as possible. 10-20 minutes is recommended, but you can go as far as 30 minutes. Any longer and it would ruin your nightly sleep schedule, or cause some physical harm from overstimulation.

On the other hand, having your massage sessions immediately before you go to sleep at night is the better option. If you can regularly schedule your massage to be the last thing you do before sleeping, you will notice a big improvement in the quality of your sleep.

How Long Should You Sit in a Massage Chair?

On average, a healthy massage chair session should be 15 to 20 minutes long, two or three times a day. But, the best massage period changes for each person, this is because a massage session is very similar to working out, you can’t immediately start at the highest settings.

If you are someone who is used to long massage sessions, you can allow yourself up to an hour of massage daily. But if are not familiar with a full-body massage, you should ease your body into it by increasing the length of your sessions gradually.

Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back?

If misused or overused, massage chairs can cause some back pain, especially for beginners who are not used to the vibrations on their bodies. Feeling long-lasting pain and soreness after a massage session is due to one of the following reasons:

Your Body is Not Used to The Massage

In the same way that you feel soreness after trying a new exercise, you can feel some pain after your first few times on a massage chair. This is normal, and even expected, as the massage can cause small tears in your muscle tissues. The soreness should not last for too long.

Misuse/Excessive Use of The Massage Chair

Many new owners of massage chairs cause some damage to their backs and muscles through excessive use. Massage chairs are meant for recovery and relaxation, and overuse can cause bruises, muscle tears, and inflammation.

New users can also use features on the massage chair in the wrong way, leading to potential injuries. It is recommended to start from the lower settings and work your way to higher intensity and pressure.

Suffering From Prior Back Injuries

A massage chair can be harmful to people with injured spines or slipped discs. It can also cause aggravations to herniated disc pain. If you suffer from any type of chronic back pain, you should consult your doctor before using massage chairs.

What to Consider When Sleeping on a Massage Chair?

While the gentle massaging movement of a massage chair is safe, and even designed, for short naps, it is not always suited for longer periods of sleep. There are some considerations to keep in mind when attempting to sleep on a massage chair for over an hour.

First of all, you need to adjust the chair to the best incline for a night of safe and comfortable sleep. If you suffer from sleep apnea, chronic back pain, or other conditions, you may need specific levels of reclining to ensure the best sleep quality possible.

Also, if your body rotates naturally throughout the night, the limiting nature of the massage chair can make sleeping difficult. Add to that the existence of leg attachments in most massage chairs and you may find yourself restricted to a single position.


You can safely sleep in a massage chair for short periods, it can even be beneficial to your overall health and sleep quality. However, if you attempt to sleep on your massage chair for longer than an hour or two, you may need to take some precautions or ask your physician.

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