Differences Between 2D, 3D, and 4D Massage Chairs

If you are on the lookout for purchasing a massage chair or want to upgrade your old one for more advanced massage features, there are few things to consider. Buying a reliable and sturdy massage chair is like a one-time investment in the long run, so there is a lot of thought processing and decision making involved. 


One of the most important factors to consider is looking at the features and technology. These massage chairs are equipped with unique technologies. Some of you might be unaware of the differences. Hence, take help from our guide on the primary differences between 2D, 3D, and 4D massage chairs, which will ease your thoughts and speed your decision-making process. 


2D Technology in Massage Chair


A 2D massage chair can be classified as a traditional massage chair that has existed for the longest time. It is the most standard massage chair widely available in the market, inexpensive, and primarily purchased by the majority.


These 2D massage chairs have a simple structure and are equipped with rollers that move right, left, up, and down during massage. These chairs offer a standard massage suitable for soothing your body and relaxing your tired muscles after a hectic day of work


2D Massage Chair Features


  •         2D chairs are the initial model of massage chairs that operate along the x and y-axis. 
  •         These chairs produce the most basic rolling and massaging actions and have the least powerful rollers. Some also come with an option for adjusting the width and speed. 
  •         You can move the rollers to the right/left, and make it slow/fast and narrow/wide. 
  •         They work in 2 dimensions, which means they stay on one plane and remain flat. 

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3D Technology in Massage Chair

3D massage chairs come with a bit more advanced technology. Hence, they are more costly and high grade. 3D massage chairs classify under high tier machines because they provide all the essential features and technologies of a 2D massage chair, but are one step ahead.

They offer extra movement options, such as the rollers' ability to move in or out, for enhanced therapy sessions. These rollers extend farther and can access parts of the body that are usually unattended by a classic chair, such as the shoulder and upper neck.


3D Massage Chair Features


  •         The primary notion behind developing 3D chairs was the purpose of providing a better and deeper force of massage whenever the need arose.   
  •         Unlike 2D chairs, 3D massage chairs operate along the x, y, and z-axis. 
  •         These premium grade massage chairs are equipped with more than just a typical retract action and roller extracts. They are designed to provide intense massage therapies to the extent that it is almost comparable to human hand touch. 
  •         They provide excellent massages, just like professional masseurs. 
  •         3D massage chairs provide the third plane of motion. 
  •         They can also scan your body's shape and height, so you can enjoy more tailored massage sessions.
  •         You have access to additional controls, such as adjusting the complexity of massage you want, i.e., deep or soft. The massage depth typically varies between the ranges of 2-4.7 inches. 
  •         Finally, the massage you get on a 3D massage chair is highly accurate, based on your body type and requirement.

Look for a 3D massage chair with the intensity feature. This way, you can adjust the intensity level that suits you right and experience a blissful massage experience with the optimal comfort level.


Recommendations for 3D Massage Chairs


Luraco i7 PlusOsaki OS-Pro Admiral, and Inada Dreamwave are the top recommendations for a premium-quality 3D massage chair. They might exceed your budget more than you have planned but are definitely the best in their category in terms of features, durability, and excellence. 

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4D Technology in Massage Chairs


4D massage chairs are even more advanced than 3D massage chairs. They are ideal for people who are fond of deep tissue massage and equipped with all the technologies you can find in 3D massage chairs.

An additional feature of 4D massage chairs is that the rollers can hit and turn in various angles. With these massage chairs, the rollers can penetrate deeper within your body. People who suffer from pain in their shoulders, back, and neck, will ideally benefit from this advancement.


4D Massage Chair Features


  •         4D massage chairs evidently improve the original human touch massage therapy. The difference in a body massage from a professional masseuse and 4D massage chair is next to zero.
  •         It can execute several different techniques of massage.
  •         4D chairs are highly effective for your spine and back, and some can even access your shoulders and neck. 
  •         No other massage chair can beat the level and technology of 4D. However, you can alter the massage intensity with 4D massage chairs by choosing the right amount of pressure.


Recommendations for 4D Massage Chairs


Osaki OS-Pro MaestroJPMedics KUMO, and Inada Robo are the best options for 4D massage chairs. These top-grade, highly efficient, and multi-featured 4D massage chairs are equipped with cutting-edge technology. This makes them incredibly expensive but totally worth it for those willing to spend. 

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Are 4D Massage Chairs Worth Buying?


Many people assume there is no such concept as a 4-dimensional massage chair, and it is a mere marketing tactic to create a hype. Some massage chairs classified and marketed as 4D chairs offer almost the same functions as 3D massage chairs, i.e., having the rollers go up, down, right, and left.

It is also quite true that there is only 3-axis in existence, and they can already be found in the 3D massage chairs. Even though there is no fourth direction, the 4D massage chairs are classified under a new category due to the additional features of massage intensity and speed levels.

The purpose of launching 4D chairs was to replicate the massage techniques and power of a professional masseuse. Many of these massage chairs incorporate this element with an L-Track. This means these chairs can well pay attention to your glutes, hamstrings, and the neck's top.

Therefore, a 4D massage chair is only recommended if you have the money and want to use it often for easing very tight muscles. If your budget is tight, then a 3D chair is probably the best option concerning price and massage therapy excellence. 




3D massage chairs meet all the requirements people are actually looking for in a good quality, durable massage chair. They are moderately expensive in comparison to 2D chairs. Still, they are equipped with many massage intensity and speed options that you are seeking.

For people with restricted budgets, there are several good options for 2D massage chairs. But if you are interested in additional features and can spend more, consider 3D and 4D massage chairs with other modes for intensity, speed, reclining, heating, etc. 

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