How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

Getting a massage is very healthy and it has the potential to change your mood and enhance your life every day. A good massage chair will eliminate back pain, improve your immunity and also increase the blood flow naturally. As a result, it’s a very good investment and one that you will enjoy quite a bit. The great thing about massage chairs is that you have all kinds of extra features and benefits coming with most of them. That means you always have complete control over the massage type you want and the features added to it.

However, the truth is that most massage chairs vary in price. You can obviously find some affordable ones, but you can also find some expensive models too. That’s why you want to take your time and fully study the market to ensure that you obtain the best results.

How Much Will a Massage Chair Cost?

You will notice that massage chair costs tend to be all over the place. You have some massage chairs under $1000, but most of the high tier units can go anywhere from $5000 to $10000 sometimes. That’s why you must assess your needs and stick to a specific budget when you buy a massage chair. You never really know how much you will end up spending, so keeping things under control is the right approach and it can make a huge difference in the long run.

While it might seem like a luxury item at first, the truth is that getting a massage chair will be very beneficial for your health. Of course, that also means you need to buy it at the right price. If you overspend, you won’t really be overly impressed with the results and the overall deal you receive here. Going to a massage therapist is expensive, and if you need to do that often, it’s a much better idea to buy your own massage chair. In the end, you still end up saving money, but it’s important to shop around and actually stick to a certain budget.

Why Do Massage Chair Prices Vary So Much?

It all comes down to the features provided by every massage chair. Some of them are very basic, and they will just be suitable to massage your lower back. Others provide full-body support. There are also high tier models that come with extra features like heat for example. Others even have multiple massage modes too. So yes, you have plenty of options to choose from. It all depends on what you need and what you expect. But it can bring in great potential in the long run.

It’s also important to note that the manufacturer, their experience level, and history will play a major role in all of this. As long as you pay attention to what you need and don’t go overboard towards products that are too expensive for you, then you will be fine and the results will be pretty impressive.

Also, depending on the product, you might get things like risk-free trials, extended warranty, free delivery, and so on. These things can also have an impact on the total price of the product. Even if it might not seem like a lot, every addition and extra will eventually increase the price in some way. And that’s why you must pay attention to the massage chair features and extras, so you can focus only on the stuff you really need.

Why are Some Massage Chairs So Expensive?

The manufacturer does matter quite a lot too. Brands like Luraco, JPMedics, or Inada are known for being versed and proficient in this field. They are very professional, dependable, and easy to work with. On top of that, they also have a very good quality, long warranty and very good customer service and technical support. What we like about these brands is that they always push the boundaries to deliver great innovation and amazing features. It might take a little bit of time to study every feature and see which model suits your needs, but it’s safe to say that you’re always getting your value for money.

Should You Buy a Cheap Massage Chair on Amazon or eBay?

We all want to save some money, so buying a cheaper massage chair from a website like eBay or Amazon sounds like a great idea. However, the problem with buying from these places is that you rarely know what you get. You usually have to deal with either knock-off of the high tier brands or just unknown brands that end up selling their products at a markup without delivering a lot of value.

Remember that whenever you buy from these platforms, you buy at your own risk. But what are you risking here? Usually, there’s little to no customer service, so if anything happens, you’re on your own. Not only that, but there aren’t any parts provided, so if anything breaks you must find replacements online if those parts are available. Then there’s also the fact that you rarely get any extra warranty, which is always going to be quite the challenge. What we recommend you to do is to visit the website of professional massage chair brands on don’t just buy anything that’s super cheap.

Reputable brands provide a warranty, high quality, and a very good value for money. With an unknown brand, you are always dealing with risks. Sometimes you might end up with a surprisingly good product, otherwise, it can be a waste of money. The last thing you want is to gamble your money on a massage chair of questionable quality. Go only with the highest quality products, and you will be very happy with the results in the end.

Which Are the Most Common Massage Chair Features?

If you want to buy a more affordable massage chair, you still want to make sure that it has all the features you are interested in. Most of these models tend to have 2D and 3D massage rollers. 2D systems are working on the surface muscles, however, 3D massage rollers will go and protrude your muscles, they will even go in the muscles underneath. They can even work the shoulder and upper neck area. 4D massage rollers come with the more expensive models, and these are bringing deep tissue massage. They are great because they get to hit angles that 3D massage units just can’t connect with.

Some inexpensive massage chairs have an S track system that will follow the spine curvature and focus on your back. If you want to go for the more expensive models, they will come with an L track. The L track is better because it reaches the hamstrings and glutes. In addition, it also helps you wo0rk on your neck too. However, if you want a more affordable model, an S track unit will do just fine.

In addition, you will find that some massage chairs have foot and calf massage systems already embedded within them. And as we mentioned earlier, more expensive massage chairs will even have their own heating system. Heat is great because it helps eliminate stress and anxiety, plus it helps your body flush toxins away. The best part is that it also helps improve your blood flow, while also enhancing muscle flexibility. Getting access to all these benefits is extraordinary, and you will certainly feel a whole lot better thanks to the heat feature. It’s not mandatory, but it’s that extra that can make a difference. It all comes down if you really need it or afford it in your own massage chair.

Space-saving Features: Are They Needed or Not?

There’s no denying that most massage chairs are rather large. If you live in an apartment, you have a very limited amount of space to work with, so you have to figure out ways to store stuff or just save space as much as you can. Many massage chairs come with a space-saving technology that helps shrink the space you need in order to recline your chair. Some of them will recline within a few inches, and those are perfect for small spaces.

This might not be a feature everyone wants or needs, but it’s great to have. Since many massage chairs are rather bulky, having a feature where you can actively save space is very helpful, and it will come in handy. What we recommend you to do is to perform the right measurements before you buy any massage chair. This way you know what you can fit within your home and what models are just not going to work the way you expect.


As you can see, a massage chair can be very costly, but it’s also a great investment in your health and wellbeing. If you’re already going to a massage therapist, then the massage chair can help you save a lot of money, and it’s also more convenient to use. However, it’s important to create a list with those features you want and what you expect from your own massage chair. You can always start with a less expensive massage chair and then upgrade to a better one later on. Yet it’s also smart to just buy a more complex one from the start and enjoy all its benefits.

We recommend you to shop around, see the features you can receive for your money,  and what makes the most sense for yourself. In the end, a good massage chair might be expensive, but it delivers an extraordinary return on investment!

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