Is It Safe to Use a Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

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There is no doubt that pregnancy can be too exhausting, so women must relax and comfort their tired bodies. When the body is tired, there is nothing more pampering than getting a good massage. A heavenly massage can work like magic for pregnant women, especially while facing the severities of pregnancy.

Massage chairs ideally ease some of the exhaustion and provide relief. In recent times, massage chairs have become quite popular. Even though getting a blissful massage is unparalleled, these vibrating massage chairs are certainly one of the best man-made creations for comfort and relaxation. 

As helpful as these massage chairs are generally, whether they can be used during pregnancy is quite debatable. This detailed guide provides all the information regarding the benefits of using massage chairs during pregnancy and specific conditions in which it is inadvisable.

Using a Massage Chair During Pregnancy

The internet is full of dubious information. Some sites quote that massage chairs are great during pregnancy, while others suggest it is not worth the risk. One popular research believes that massage chairs can be used at any stage of pregnancy.

Regardless of these doubts, vibrating massage chairs can be a great form of investment and provide adequate comfort during pregnancy's most challenging months. Moreover, the safety of using massage chairs by pregnant women is further ensured if:

  1. They are regular users.
  2. They are in their best health.
  3. They do not have any contraindications regarding massage therapy.

Lastly, the massage chair can also be used post-pregnancy after the baby is born. After all, it is hard for anyone to say no to a heavenly massage.

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair During Pregnancy

Quite evidently, massage chairs are rising in popularity, especially amongst women who are pregnant. The constant body aches, swelling, tiredness, and mood swings can be incredibly exhausting during pregnancy.

Sometimes, even going to the nearest spa for a pampering session and body massage can seem like the most challenging task.

The kind of indulgence and comfort these women can receive from a massage chair is inexplicable. Without a doubt, some of these massage chairs are capable of replacing even the best masseurs. Recently, massage chairs are in great demand by pregnant ladies due to the many benefits they offer.

Relieves Pain

A massage chair is an excellent comfort source during pregnancy as it relieves women from back, joint, and leg pains. These pains are quite common during pregnancy as the uterus expands and consumes more space, exerting immense pressure on their body.

Improves Blood Circulation

Using massage chairs can create a better flow of blood circulation in the upper body. Moreover, it gets rid of the pain to quite an extent.

Massage Specific Areas

The rollers and nodes of the massage chair are designed to massage specific spots of the body. These rollers and nodes can also be adjusted as per your requirement. Also, they can target particular areas they want to massage.

No Harm to the Baby

The massage chairs are safe to use since the vibrations do not cause any jerks or movements to the baby. The baby will not even feel anything not be harmed in any way through the vibrations. In fact, the vibrations create just a gentle movement in the body, making them feel like they are walking.

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

It lowers stress levels. Research comprising 84 depressed women found that expecting mothers who go through massage therapy sessions experienced reduced depression and anxiety levels. It was later stated that this particular group experienced far better neonatal effects like good newborn birth weight and lesser premature deliveries.

Reduces Labor

Another research quotes that practicing massage therapy during labor can reduce labor time and pains and post-partum depression.

Safety Concerns for Pregnant Women

Massage chairs have risen immensely in popularity by pregnant ladies, due to the utmost comfort and blissful feeling it can provide during this challenging phase. However, there are some concerns and complications regarding massage chairs' safety while a woman is pregnant.

A Massage Chair Contains Heating Pads

The majority of massage chairs come with a built-in heating pad for increasing body temperature. This can be quite harmful and produce extreme consequences for the unborn child. The increased body temperature can also soar the baby’s heart rate, causing an impact on the cardiovascular system.

It Can Exert Stress on the Pressure Points

If pressure points get too stressed while using a massage chair, the chances of premature labor surges. Hence, hair regularly during pregnancy.

These few contradicting points ultimately make way for debate whether it is safe for pregnant women to use a massage chair or not. The factors vary from person to person; hence if the pregnant woman is healthy and uses it in limitation, there should be no harm.

The best option is to consult a doctor regarding pre-existing and current conditions and give better guidance on the safety of using a massage chair during pregnancy. 

Situations in Which Pregnant Women Should Avoid Using a Massage Chair

The nine-month period is the most crucial time for women. This demands a lot of care and attention to oneself. Women experience several hormonal changes that affect their physical, mental, and emotional state ultimately.

Certain medical and health conditions prevent women from using massage chairs during pregnancy, at least not without any approval from an expert and registered healthcare professional.

  • If they are experiencing an awful headache.
  • If they have a record of miscarriages or premature labor.
  • If their pregnancy is at high risk.
  • If they have severe swelling or edema.
  • If using the massage chair is generating stress for the body.
  • If they are overweight and are facing a hard time fitting into the recliner.
  • If they have a case of Preeclampsia.

Essential Things to Consider Before Using a Massage Chair

Regardless of how therapeutic and beneficial a massage chair can be, there are specific pointers expecting women must remember before using it.

  • It is not wise to use a massage chair during the 1st trimester. During this time, the body undergoes drastic transformations. It is a crucial time because the majority of miscarriages occur in this phase.
  • They should not try to squeeze into the chair during the third trimester. If the women cannot fit into it, it is probably for the best.
  • If they experience any medical or health issues like migraines and swelling or have a history of premature labor, they should not use it.
  • Pregnant women should limit using the massage chair to 15-20 minutes at most. It is important to resist temptation because utilizing a massage chair for extended durations during pregnancy leads to consequences.


In conclusion, massage chairs are a useful product for expecting women, which provides comfort and relieves them from anxiety, stress, depression, and body pains. Still, these chairs should be used in moderate duration to prevent unnecessary difficulties during pregnancy, due to the risk factors associated.

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